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Helped on: 5959 people
Experience: 25-30 years

Language speaking: en
Screen name: Caetano
Price per minute: 2.99 credits
Expert Level: expert

Psychic Caetano at Oranum

Caetano Bio: Caetano, your insight is uncannily accurate and even time-sensitive in regards to the past. You are very valuable to me for what I need. I am truly thankful for the information you have given me, and it makes me even more respectful of your psychic abilities. Thank you Caetano, always your loyal client. AppleBite707, New York My name is Caetano and I am honored to be a part of Oranumīs team to serve you and guide you through your spiritual journey. I am here to offer you insight to your life's questions and to help you attain more wisdom that will help you live a better and more rewarding life. Cleansing rituals involving salts and others to purify the mind, body and soul are explained in order to help you release the negative energy which you sometimes feel is pulling you down. Being a Clairsentient, empath and Clairvoyant, a true bodhisattva brought up in philosophy of Zen, Hinduism and Buddhism. I am fluent in english, Hindi, Punjabi, Guajarati, and speak some Portuguese and Italian. I can see and write with the help of my spirit guides and I also use your name and date of birth to locate your existence in this universe. As well, I read the image of your right palm using the art of palmistry to give you insight into your current situation in the private reading using a webcam if so required. I along with my spiritual guides can look at your situation and I can guide you through ... Read More at Oranum

Satisfied members said about Caetano

Always a pleasure!! it's like he's inside your brain! amazing!
by Summa from Usa

Wonderful, wonderful reading! thank you so much caetano for sharing your wisdom and guiding me.
by Marie from Copenhagen

I wish i had met cae tano 4 months ago! itn would have saved me from a lot of grief! was such a different reading..he really read everyhting correctly --thoughts that not even any of my closest friends knows. he read me and my husbands personality and inner issues to a t. issues that goes from childhood. he is not judgemental-- his words and advice is what i have been waiting to hear to make a decision that will change my life! thank you cae!!
by Beccarcl from

Absolutely reassures me all the time and all is progressing as he said it would. blessings
by Sonia from Us

Bang on. perfect! is amazing what cae knows!
by K from B


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